Rose Campion seeds

The Wildacre

Loch Street, Maryborough, Victoria, Australia


This packet contains 100+ seeds and were harvested in the summer of 20-21.

Rose Campion, also known as Dusty Miller, is a spring and summer flowering short-lived perennial or biennial with bright magenta flowers held aloft on downy stems arising from a rosette of grey-green leaves. Growing to 60-80cm, Rose Campion is a wonderfully textural addition to the cottage garden and has a sweetly old-fashioned feel to it. This dry-tolerant plant will readily self-seed in the garden.

Sow seed directly in the autumn. Rose Campion seeds need light and cold to germinate so do not cover the seed when planting. Seedlings will emerge in the late winter or early spring. Thin seedlings to 20-30cm spacing.

All our seed is open-pollinated and grown on our small and unruly plot in Central Victoria, Australia.

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