About us

Local Seeds is a marketplace for local seed savers. Our mission is to encourage more people to save seeds, to help preserve genetic diversity, and to give people access to seeds that are adapted to their local environment.

Why save seeds?

The vegetables and fruits we eat today are a result of many years of careful selection of plants. These plants carried certain desirable traits, such as nutritional value, ease of cultivation, resistance to pests and appearance. This selection was only possible due to an enormous variety of plants available to be cross-bred.

Unfortunately, in the last century, over 90% of the seed variety used for food production has been lost. One reason for that is that many of the most popular varieties consumed today are patented and cannot be saved or cross bred. 

Many of the commercial seeds available today are bred for perfect appearance, long shelf life and uniform ripening, rather than taste and nutritional value. They’re also developed for widespread adaptability, rather than any particular climate conditions.

Preserving genetic diversity

When you save seeds from healthy homegrown plants you are preserving their unique genetic code. By carefully selecting these plants you can preserve the unique traits that made them desirable for you. For example, the ease of cultivation for the amateur home grower, its flavour and texture and its ability to resist pests and diseases in your region.

Why buy seeds from local seed savers?

Local Seeds makes it easy for local growers to share their creations and get compensated for their hard work. We’re hoping to build a thriving self-sustaining community of seed savers and seed seekers, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

When you buy seeds from a local grower you’re supporting their efforts to preserve genetic diversity. At the same time you’re getting seeds that are adapted to your local climate. Seeds produced in your area are likely to perform better in your garden than any other seeds you can buy.

Who runs Local Seeds?

About us

Daniel Ribeiro

I’m a software engineer based in Braybrook, Victoria. I started growing veggies in 2016 and since then became passionate about permaculture and all things sustainability. I was secretary at Newport Organic Collective for a year while living in Altona North and am now a member of Braybrook Commons Community Garden. I was inspired to build Local Seeds after watching a couple of documentaries about the loss of seed diversity on Kanopy (Seed: The Untold Story and Seeds of Time).