Poa Labillardierei – Common Tussock-Grass seeds

Reforest Australia

Cape Schanck, Victoria, Australia


Poa labillardierei
Common name(s): Common Tussock-grass
Indigenous name(s): Bobat (Woi wurrung)
Bowat (Wurundjeri)
Height, Width: 30-80cm high
Plant Type: Grass, Sedge, or Rush
Flowering Period: October to February

A dense perennial tussock grass growing between 30-80cm tall slender, greyish-green leaves. The plume like flower heads extend above the foliage up to 1.2m and are green with cream seed heads.
Derivation of Name:
Poa; from the Greek word ‘meaning grass or fodder,’ perhaps referring to the grass being livestock food. Labillardierei; named after the French botanist and explorer, J.J.H. de Labillardière.
Poa grass was used to make string for nets, bags, baskets and mats.
Propagation and maintenance notes:
The plant is best grown in damp, well-drained, alkaline soils and positioned in full sun to partial sun. It has some degree of salt tolerance. Tolerates frost and cold to about -7C.

SEEDS: Enough for you to successfully grow between 50-100 plants. Your seeds are of the same stock we use to grow our native plants in the nursery. The success of germination varies with open-pollinated, wild-collected seeds and after 3 years of consistently growing these species in the local area, I have selected the amount of seed you need to successfully grow between 50-100 plants yourself. These seeds are collected seasonally and with sincere cultural and ecological respect. Ordering a quantity according to this scale rather than ordering individual seeds is a better representation of sustainable seed harvesting and success for the grower.

Packet of 100-200 seeds.

Larger quantities are available.