Eucalyptus Obliqua – Messmate Stringybark seeds

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Cape Schanck, Victoria, Australia


Eucalyptus obliqua
Common name(s): Messmate Stringybark
Indigenous name(s): Wangnarra (Woi wurrung)
Warngar (Djab wurrung)
Height, Width: To 13-70m high
Plant Type: Canopy Tree
Flowering Period: December to March

A tall tree with a dense canopy, between 13-70m in height. Leaves can be glossy green to 10-13cm x 3-4cm. Flowers appear in clusters of 7-15 and are either white or cream in colour. The fruit is barrel shaped and around 0.6-1.2cm long by 0.5-1.1cm wide.
Derivation of Name:
Eucalyptus; from the Greek roots eu and calyptos, meaning ‘well’ and ‘covered’, in reference to the flower bud. Obliqua; derived from the Latin obliquus meaning ‘oblique’ and describing a leaf base where the two sides of the leaf blade are of unequal length.

The outer bark was powdered and used as tinder for fire making while inner bark was used to make coarse string for bags and fishing nets.
Propagation and maintenance notes:
The plant is best grown in damp, well-drained, loamy soil and positioned in full sun to partial shade. It is salt intolerant.

SEEDS: Enough for you to successfully grow between 50-100 plants. Your seeds are of the same stock we use to grow our native plants in the nursery. The success of germination varies with open-pollinated, wild-collected seeds and after 3 years of consistently growing these species in the local area, I have selected the amount of seed you need to successfully grow between 50-100 plants yourself. These seeds are collected seasonally and with sincere cultural and ecological respect. Ordering a quantity according to this scale rather than ordering individual seeds is a better representation of sustainable seed harvesting and success for the grower.

Packet of 100-200 seeds.

Larger quantities are available.