5 x Native Plants – Banksia Integrifolia – Coast Banksia

Reforest Australia

Cape Schanck, Victoria, Australia

Please note: Tubers, bulbs and rhizomes cannot be shipped interstate.


Banksia integrifolia – Coast Banksia
x 5 tubestock plants.
Dimensions: Forestry tubestock (12cm x 5cm x 5cm). Vegetative growth: At least 8-15cm of plant material.

***Bigger and deeper tubestock pots make for deeper roots and stronger, healthier plants.
Your REFOREST tubestock allows you to revegetate within a week of receiving your healthy plants.***

Banksia integrifolia – Coast Banksia
Indigenous name(s) Birrna (Gunai/Kurnai), War-rak (Wurundjeri)
Height, Width: 4-20m high
Plant Type: Canopy Tree
Flowering Period: February to July
A perennial tree that grows between 4 and 20m high. The leaves are around 10cm x 2cm, smooth and dark green on the upper face, with a white underside. The creamy yellow flowers are around 10cm x 4cm, arranged in tall spikes.
Derivation of Name:
Banksia; named after Sir Joseph Banks, the botanist who travelled with Captain Cook. Integrifolia; from the Latin integer, meaning ‘entire,’ and folium, meaning ‘leaf.’
The nectar was extracted from flower heads by brushing hands against the flower, and then licking the fingers clean. Flowers were also soaked in water to make a sweet drink which was often mixed with wattle gum.
Propagation and maintenance notes:
The plant is best grown in acidic or neutral pH soils and positioned in full sun. It has some degree of lime tolerance, mild intolerance to salt.

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Our Plant Guarantee
We take meticulous care in growing & packaging your plants so they will arrive in excellent condition. Your REFOREST plants are grown outdoors, hardened under conditions that make your plants stronger. In the nursery here, your plants survive everything from frosts to +40°C temperatures, coastal salty winds of up to 100km/h and every condition in-between. Wild conditions make for wilder and stronger plants.

However, if by chance your plants don’t arrive in great condition. Just email customer service: [email protected] with a pic of your plants within 24hrs of your order arriving and we’ll sort it out. We can either replace the plants or transfer your purchase price back to you.

If you do not email customer service within 24hrs of receiving your order, we cannot accept responsibility for any issues or delivery problems. However, we can assist you with how best to care for your plants within the first 7 days of receiving them.

* What to do when your plants arrive *

1. Remove plants from the packaging, and unwrap the plants carefully. They’ve been through a lot on their journey to you so treat them gently. Remove the tape.

2. Fill a container that will fit your quantity of plants with water, and place the plants in the container, letting them drink from the bottom up. Leave soak for 10-15 mins.

4. These plants now need to adjust to life outside their raised climate so place them in a filtered sun position for 3-5 days (on a balcony or under a verandah). If there are extreme conditions in your area keep them indoors until frosts or hot weather passes. After 3-5 days of adjusting to photosynthesising again they will be ready to keep outdoors, or to plant directly in your garden.

3. If you can’t plant them straight away, that’s fine. These plants will survive for weeks and months in their tubes, as long as you keep a close eye on them and they don’t dry out. But please don’t over water.

4. When planting outdoors water them a little each day for the first week, every second day for the second week and then water as required depending on the weather. Water will vary greatly depending on local conditions so this is just a general guide. The key to success is to keep them moist – not too wet and not dry.​

5. Nice work. Sit back, and watch them grow!

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