Impatiens – Balsam (Dwarf Annual) Mix seeds

Organic Bounty Harvest seeds

Lurnea, New South Wales, Australia


A packet contains 20 seeds.

  • Dwarf Annual 25cm
  • Colourful flowers
  • Can be grown in containers

Annual growing to 25cm. Dwarf plants with fleshy green foliage and beautiful flowers in an attractive mix of colour that may include violet, rose, and salmon. Grows well in shady positions. Can be grown in containers. Long flowering.  Impatiens balsamina is also known as Balsam.

Balsam requires 60 to 70 days from sowing to produce flowers, so an early start is essential.

Easy-to-grow balsam prefers rich, organic, well-drained soil kept evenly moist at all times. It quickly bounces back from wilting, but will succumb to leaf burn if it wilts too often. For the best results when growing balsam in a container, plant it in a moisture-retentive general-purpose potting mix. Keep the soil evenly moist but not saturated (the saucer should never hold standing water), or roots may rot.

Much like other types of impatiens, balsam can handle a variety of sun exposures. It tolerates full sun as long as it gets plenty of water. Part shade allows enough sun to promote both good flowering and a dense habit. In full shade, this plant still performs, but it develops sparse stems with fewer flowers.

This annual is extremely easy to start from seed, which is helpful because you won’t often find it at a garden center. Get a head start for the growing season by sowing seeds on top of moist soil indoors 4 to 6 weeks before the last spring frost. The seeds germinate quickly, often in as few as 4 days. Seeds also can be sown directly in the garden. Pinch off plant tips when they are 4 to 6 inches tall to encourage branching. Set out your seedlings or purchased plants in pots after the last frost date. No further care (other than supplemental watering when needed) is necessary.

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