Organic Dolichos Lablab Bean Bush variety / Valor Bean/ Chikkudukaya/ Avarai seeds

Organic Bounty Harvest seeds

Lurnea, New South Wales, Australia


10 seeds of Valor Bean in a packet.

Dolichos Lablab – This popular bean produces light green pods 4.5-5″ long, wrinkled with bulge in the center, fleshy & tender, and eaten freshly sauteed with spices and onions. This variety is day-neutral. It is a high yielding bush variety.

Also known as chikkudukaya in Telugu.

The mature pods & dried beans contains toxins, so should be well cooked with a change of cooking water.

Uncooked pods may be unsafe for pets.

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Got something to discuss?

2 days 10 hours ago

How long does it take from sowing to flowering?

Vyjayanthi Anand
2 days 8 hours ago

The bush variety grows fast, it flowers in a months time…

Vyjayanthi Anand
2 days 2 hours ago

After Germination, they flower in a month’s time. 😊


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