Turnip seeds

Turnip seeds online. Check out our variety of untreated, non-GMO, heirloom, open pollinated, organic turnip seeds from local growers below.

How to grow turnip seeds

Turnips are smooth, round root vegetables 5-20 cm in diameter. They are often white below the soil line and bright purple or green above. Turnips usually have white flesh and a slightly sweet and bitter taste, similar to cabbage. The edible foliage tastes similar to mustard greens. Turnips are a cool-weather crop and do best as spring or fall plantings.

Scientific name:Brassica rapa
Sowing method:Direct seed outdoors, thin to 10cm when seedlings are 3cm tall
Sun requirements:Full Sun
Row spacing:10cm

Source: Growstuff

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Showing all 2 results