Lagunaria Patersonii – Norfolk Island Hibiscus seeds

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Queensland, Australia


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In full flower, this tree is truly spectacular. It has furry greyish-green leaves and gradient pink flowers in a typical hibiscus shape. Flowers are generally a pink to mauve but deeper coloured forms are in cultivation.
Even though it grows in tropical regions, (native to Norfolk Island) it is adaptable and hardy across a wide variety of climates and soils, from tropical to temperate. It has naturalized on the central coast of NSW. It can withstand frosts to -5°C at least, and can handle a hot sun, but, in, inland climates, it benefits from extra irrigation in summer drought times. It did well in my garden at Rangari, but only because I let the hose slowly drip on it overnight, every 3weeks in summer (which is actually not that much water drip….drip…. – most native plants like being watered that way)
It is hardy to salt spray and is therefore excellent for coastal gardens. It performs best in well drained soils in a sunny position.
A stunning ornamental tree found on Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island, just off the coast of Australia. Also known as Australian Primrose Tree, Cow Itch Tree, Pyramid Tree or Queensland Pyramid Tree.
Propagation from seed is relatively easy. No special pre-treatment is needed but extracting the seeds requires gloves, so that the irritant fibres in the pod, do not come in contact with the skin. Cuttings also strike readily.

It can reach 12m-20m, is relatively slow growing, but flowers in its 3rd year, and then prolifically every spring (November). It is a single species: Lagunaria patersonii.

Well worth growing this tree. Another one of my very favourites.

For most seeds (unless otherwise stated): Sow Spring – Lightly cover and keep moist until germination – best to do in the hot before a rain event. Grow seedling over the spring/summer in shade house with ideal conditions, then plant out autumn with occasional watering for the first 2 years.
Happy to answer any questions you may have.
My business mission: is to provide backyard owners with seed of Australian Native plants, in particular ornamental species, with aesthetic attributes, to create good vibes and a sense of peace.
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I use recycled packaging. And I make a note of sending more seeds than stated in page listing. Plus, I’m a definite advocate for ‘organics’ as much as possible, there are no pesticides at my place!

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