Eucalyptus Gilli – Curly Mallee Drought Hardy seeds

Farm Plants and Seeds

Queensland, Australia


50 seeds

This tree survives drought well, no water once established.
A worthy ornamental for the backyard.

For most seeds (unless otherwise stated): Sow Spring – Lightly cover and keep moist until germination – best to do in the hot before a rain event. Grow seedling over the spring/summer in shade house with ideal conditions, then plant out autumn with occasional watering for the first 2 years.
Seeds are usually collected from tree/plant shown in photo, this one was growing at Gunnedah, NSW. Happy to answer any questions you may have.
My business mission: is to provide backyard owners with seed of Australian Native plants, in particular ornamental species, with aesthetic attributes, to create good vibes and a sense of peace.
And my seller promise; if you purchase from me, I will send it to you.
I use recycled packaging. And I make a note of sending more seeds than stated in page listing. Plus I’m a definite advocate for ‘organics’ as much as possible, there are no pesticides at my place!