Eucalyptus Ficifolia X Calophylla (Corymbia Ficifolia X Calophylla) seeds

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Queensland, Australia


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A lovely ornamental tree that is not planted enough in my opinion. It is a small tree not growing more than 10m. The leaves are lovely and big, and so are the flowers, which are very showy and can be bright red, pink or orange. These seeds are collected from eucalyptus ficifolia, that has eucalyptus calophylla nearby, and so have crossed to produce flowers which are often pink.
E. calophylla can reach 40m so I wouldn’t be surprised if some height variations occur too. When you grow from seed there are no hard and fast rules, any sport can happen at any time…..!

While native to Western Australia, it is readily adaptable to most temperate locations, provided it is not exposed to severe frost or sustained tropical damp. The tree in my garden at Rangari, near Gunnedah, NSW, did well, until a nearby pool excavation uprooted it – they don’t like root disturbance. Annual rainfall in Gunnedah is between 200mm – 600mm. So I recommend this tree for inland dry areas Australia wide.
It is thought that it would not be suitable for eastern areas near the coast, due to root rot, and so has been grafted onto a more robust Eucalyptus root stock, for those areas, and those trees indeed are magnificent. Although if I lived in an eastern coastal region, I’d still give these seeds a shot, but made sure there was a full sun area with excellent drainage, and good airflow. But that’s just me. For North Queenslanders, if you really like this tree, try Eucalyptus ptychocarpa, it’s very similar, in fact it looks pretty much the same, except maybe taller.
This tree was first named Eucalyptus, and has later been changed to a whole new species called Corymbia, but it has been known for so long as Eucalyptus, so now it’s known by 2 different names. If it looks like a Gum, and smells like a Gum, then it’s a Gum!

For most seeds (unless otherwise stated): Sow Spring – Lightly cover and keep moist until germination – best to do in the hot before a rain event. Grow seedling over the spring/summer in shade house with ideal conditions, then plant out autumn with occasional watering for the first 2 years.
Happy to answer any questions you may have.
My business mission: is to provide backyard owners with seed of Australian Native plants, in particular ornamental species, with aesthetic attributes, to create good vibes and a sense of peace.
And my seller promise; if you purchase from me, I will send it to you.
I use recycled packaging. And I make a note of sending more seeds than stated in page listing. Plus, I’m a definite advocate for ‘organics’ as much as possible, there are no pesticides at my place!

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