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The distinguishing feature of this Gum, is its height, it is a tall fast growing forest tree that typically grows to a height of 10–60m, but can reach as high as 90m! Making it the tallest tree in Western Australia and one of the tallest in the world. HIGHLY valued hardwood timber.
The bark on the trunk and branches is smooth, grey to cream-coloured or pale orange, often mottled and is shed in short ribbons or small polygonal flakes. Known to live for 300 years.
Karri occurs only within the High Rainfall Zone of the South West Botanical Province of Western Australia which receives 900 to 1,300 millimetres (35.4 to 51.2 in) of rain per year, mostly in winter.
I tried to grow in Gunnedah (200-600ml annual rainfall), and it grew well and quickly for the first 3yrs (La Nina flood years), but it died the first major drought year. Then I tried to grow in Gin Gin, QLD, (600-1000ml annual rainfall), but it stilled died in the first drought year.

For most seeds (unless otherwise stated): Sow Spring – Lightly cover and keep moist until germination – best to do in the hot before a rain event. Grow seedling over the spring/summer in shade house with ideal conditions, then plant out autumn with occasional watering for the first 2 years.
Seeds are usually collected from tree/plant shown in photo, this one was growing at Gunnedah, NSW. Happy to answer any questions you may have.
My business mission: is to provide backyard owners with seed of Australian Native plants, in particular ornamental species, with aesthetic attributes, to create good vibes and a sense of peace.
And my seller promise; if you purchase from me, I will send it to you.
I use recycled packaging. And I make a note of sending more seeds than stated in page listing. Plus I’m a definite advocate for ‘organics’ as much as possible, there are no pesticides at my place!

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