Callistemon ‘Taree Pink’ – Bottlebrush seeds

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Queensland, Australia


BottleBrush, seed from Callistemon ‘Taree Pink’

Callistemon, seed from ‘Taree Pink’ – BottleBrush

50 seeds

This BottleBrush’s distinguishing feature are its wonderful long vibrant pink flowers. It puts on a prolific showy display every spring and can reflower over summer in response to rain. It is a medium shrub 1 to 3m tall. It has stiff pointed foliage, adaptable to dry or wet areas, a hardy shrub for a wide range of conditions. Attracts birds.

Origin: Eastern Australia, Exposure: Full Sun, Frost Tolerant -8C, Soil: Well-drained to poorly drained soils, Irrigation: Drought tolerant once established. I have mine growing on a dry rocky slope (200-600mm annual rain), it does well, so it is drought hardy and very ornamental. I never water mine. Hardy to frosts. A good tree choice for a garden.

Also, note it is thought that this cultivar originated from C. citrinus

It has occurred to me that I have to state; when you grow seeds from a hybrid (if a plant has a name after the botanical name in ‘ ‘ like ‘Taree Pink’ – that’s an indication, that it’s a hybrid), then you are not going to get a plant that looks like the hybrid in fact you never know what you’re going to get it’s a potluck draw, if you feel lucky give it ago, if you’re not a lucky person, then you’ll have to buy the label hybrid plant from a nursery! Also, I may as well state, some hybrids have been bred so that you can’t grow them from seed (purple fountain grass) however, they definitely have not done this to Callistemon. Callistemon‘s will grow from seed easily, from a hybrid, I have grown many from my seeds. Unfortunatly I could not put ‘seeds from’ such and such in the title, so I did not want to deceive anyone, it was just the way the format is (I also cannot control the capital letters, so some listing titles are incorrectly punctuated.

Callistemon, seed from ‘Taree Pink’ BottleBrush



For most seeds (unless otherwise stated): Sow Spring – Lightly cover and keep moist until germination – best to do in the hot before a rain event. Grow seedling over the spring/summer in shade house with ideal conditions, then plant out autumn with occasional watering for the first 2 years.

Seeds are usually collected from tree/plant shown in photo. Happy to answer any questions you may have.

My business mission: is to provide backyard owners with seed of Australian Native plants, in particular ornamental species, with aesthetic attributes, to create good vibes and a sense of peace.

And my seller promise; if you purchase from me, I will send it to you.

I use recycled packaging. And I make a note of sending more seeds than stated in page listing. Plus I’m a definite advocate for ‘organics’ as much as possible, there are no pesticides at my place!